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Aside from making great skateboards; you have the option to print stickers under the same roof as well. With our screenprinting background we are able to prep, shoot films and print on two kinds of vinyl. We use the same inks as on our boards. You can arrange different size stickers any way you want within the trim guidlines. Keep in mind your options are square and rectangles. If you want custom shapes that require die cuts please inquire.
Please follow the same submitting techniques as described in the Artwork section of the site. Please pay attention to halftones and what is actually printable. These are not printed with an offset printer, they are manually screenprinted. Text should be no smaller than 12 points. Avoid using "Serif" fonts such as Times New Roman. Bold smaller fonts if possible. If you know how to design well you can make five color ways and a variety of designs per run. If you don't feel confident in a sticker layout, no problem, just send us the proper files and we can make a yield for you. We are professionals at screenprinting. Here is an example of four colors being printed.