Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your minimums?
A.Minimum order is 50 decks.
2. What sizes and shapes can I use?
A.You can use any of our stock shapes and sizes. You can mix up sizes and shapes however you want.
3. Do you make custom shapes/concaves?
A. Absolutely, if want a custom shape you would need to send us one to replicate, or send us a file of one, this costs $50. We can make custom concaves if you don't want to use our three stock molds. Please call for details and pricing.
4. How should I submit artwork and what format?
A.You can see all our details on the Artwork page. However we use Corel Draw on a Windows OS. We can except just about any file extension as long as it is saved for PC.
5. What are setup costs?
A. Set up costs most often apply to new graphics. The first time you order and have a two color print to it, we charge a one time fee for two screen charges. If you are an existing customer and you want a NEW graphic the same rules apply.
6. How do I pay and what are your terms?
A.We accept all major Credit Cards, Checks and M.O. New customers must pay in full before order is shipped. More often than not we try to have 1/2 down and 1/2 on arrival. Existing customers and get COD terms. We do not except orders on terms, pay to play.
7. Can I order samples?
A.Absolutely, more can be read on the contact page. You must also be a form of a business.
8. Can I make one board?
A. Not likely. This would be extremely expensive. We make boards in production runs primarily for shops and companies.
9. Do you sell blank boards?
A. If you are interested in printing boards yourself or want them for a project we will provide them. However we would rather do atleast a one color print put on them, which doesn't cost much.
9. Do you do Heat Transfers?
A.Yes, please refer to our Artwork section for more details.
10. How many colors can you print?
A.We do traditional spot color screenprinting,up to any number of colors, even with our heat transfers. No, you can't do every color under the sun for the price of one. This is still screen printing. If you want a 4color process, which produces photographic looks, please see our Artwork section and our Price sheet.
11. What is your turn around time?
A.General turn around time is 2-3 weeks after we recieve proper artwork and deposit. Throughout the year there are times were this process is spead up and possibly slowed down.