Our Decks

All our decks are 100% North American Maple. They are made in our factory in Pennsylvania, USA.

We have been supplying shops, small companies and branded companies for over 10 years. Our decks have gone through the test of time from every style of skating through street and vert, from pros to ams. We can custom make just about type of skateboard you want. We guarantee our decks from all manufacturing defects.

Click here to view some of our DYE colored veneers.

Skateboard Shapes (click for details)

These are most of our stock shapes that are available to all customers. If you have a custom shape you want made please send it to us and we will replicate it for you. The cost of custom shapes is on the prices page. All shapes are considered the same cost.

Lacing (dyed veneer layouts)

Lacing is a term we created that refers to how the dyed veneers are layered in the boards. Here are the most common themes. You can mix colors in any order you like within reason ie. ( one blue, one red per board) is common. Keep in mind this adds .50 cents for each dye layer you add to the base price of the board which is priced as a Natural. If you are looking for pricepoints then don't add dyed wood, on the contrary they really make the boards stand out.

Deck Concaves (click for details)

Right now we currently have three concaves in use. Please check them out for further details. With our state of the art CAD technologies and use of CNC machines we design and make our molds in house. Please call us with for details on how to have a custom concave.