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Aside from making great skateboards; you have the option to print clothing under the same roof as well. We have the capabities to do six color prints. We can also do four color process. We can print most all soft goods. T-shirts are obviously the most commonly printed. Please contact us with any questions you have.

Please follow the same submitting techniques as described in the Artwork section of the site. Please pay attention to what is actually printable on a garment. Also don't compare garment printing to skateboard and sticker printing. Different techniques are used. We use primarily Plastisol inks which is the most common inks used in textile. We use mesh counts from 110 to 260. The finer the design the finer mesh count. Please refer to the Artwork section for ink color information. The following is separation sample printed on a *white shirt, a black shirt would be a slightly different sep.

We suggest Gildan brand products. If you have a desired brand please specify.
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