We can match most any Pantone™ Matching System "Solid Coated". We also have some Neon and Metallic inks in stock. All we need is the proper PMS numbers you specify.

Common misconceptions of color matching start with your Monitor. What you are seeing is RGB which is based off of light. However, you should most often work in CMKY mode even though you can only see in RGB. Everyones monitors are set differently and can't see exactly the same color as one another. Ex. Macintosh's color gamut is lighter than PC. Plus most people don't calibrate their monitors, or use color profiles. Printing processes do not involve RGB. So to keep everyone on the same page there is color control used by formula guides. The most professional way to go about matching your color is to get this PMS Solid Coated Formula Guide. Please do not mistake this with the Process Color Guide or Bridge Color Guide.

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Proper printing requires proper artwork. With over fifteen years experience in artwork and printing, we are your number one source for traditional screen printing. We take pride in our background and using it to provide customers with the tradition.
We use Corel Draw on Windows OS. If you are using MAC, make sure you save files for PC. The following Formats can all achieve the same end result. It is how you use your program that matters. You can submitt artwork to or mail cd, zip etc. to our address.
- COREL DRAW X3 and lower        
- ILLUSTRATOR CS and lower not CS2
- COREL PHOTO PAINT X3 and lower       
- PHOTOSHOP CS 2 and lower       
- .TIFF, .JPEG, .GIFtiff at 300dpi, jpeg at 300dpi, gif at 600dpi 100% size
- PDF Vectors in PDF, if using raster program make sure you have high res at 100% size.
- .EPS we would rather have native files use vector .eps if possible
- WMF WIndows Metafile (Most efficient way from Mac or Illustrator to PC and Corel)

Before you start sending us files or wanting quotes, please email us a low res jpeg or pdf of your artwork Have you read all of this section? If so, hopefully you can decide what is the best way to prep your file. Should I use a Vector based program or Raster based. Once you have completed artwork save them to a file version we can open or import noted above. If you are prepping for 4Color Process, make sure you have atleast a 200dpi+ at actual size, meaning 100% view. It is important to have the original image saved in CMKY then sent to us. Place it on a template that suites you for alignment. We do not work in layers within Corel Draw or Ai. We have quicker means to edit artwork. What would be best for us, is if you email us an individual file for each layer. Or separate them on one page in exact equal distances. One last Artwork tip. If you are using Illustrator or Mac the best thing to do is "export" as a .WMF. This allows us to import it with everything in the best working order. Here is an example of what separating a file should look like.
Our deck printing process involves, water based inks passing through mesh counts from 230-305 onto transfer film. The graphic is then applied to the board using heat. The process is called heat transfering. However we actually screen print these in house and are not the cheap inkjet, or offset printed transfers. Our transfers have layers of ink, put onto boards with paints and laquers to ensure proper sliding. Please refer to File Prepping for Four Color Process. Also call us for more details on process printing.
Convert Fonts to Curves or Outlines.
Or you can also Embed your fonts. Most forget to.
Make sure you have all relative files attatched, linked, or embedded.
Let us make your halftones if you are planning on using them.
Let us trap your artwork if you are unsure how to.
Let us separate your artwork if you are unsure how to.
Make sure your colors are spot colors or you have Pantone™ numbers.
Make sure you are working in the right color mode as well.
If you are using a newer version program, did you save to our version or lower?
Illustrator and Mac users try exporting your file as a .WMF and send that first.